Our Story

Our Approach

We make sure that all interiors are perfectly kept with ample lighting at all times for safety. Halls, stairways, and garages are all policed for trash. Carpets are shampooed and freed from any spotting. Trash chutes are kept order free and in working condition. Building exteriors are even washed upon request. We want to make sure that whatever space your in is cleaned to your wishes.

We are bonded and insured for our and your safety. All work is sourced lawfully. All of our workers speak English fluently for ease of communication.

Our Story

 Baybee's Janitorial was established 1998. We expanded our services to include construction clean-ups and condominium care. We know the importance of having clean and freshly maintained model units ready for viewing by the public. Once occupied, we're there to clean and maintain the building and keep up the appearance as designed. 

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